Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law Bill…

4 Jan 2012 by Bob, 1 Comment »

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  1. Allison says:

    As an average citizen I’m aware but powerless,one paycheck away from homelessness…. cant afford to pretend that I care anymore,I take it as it comes,
    Now I understand how the Russians tolerated and even embraced lethargically the Communist Soviet Union.
    I will do the same in American as I like most are lethargic and numb to the blatant destruction of once was the American dream of democracy,freedom and economic opportunity.If the average Joe or Jane takes so much abuse from the new workplace environment of being utterly disposable how do you expect anyone to take on the government except to pathetically squat is some government park before being driven away with teargas and clubs.
    Its not worth the effort to be placed on a government list to be latter at their discretion

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