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10 Mar 2012 by Bob, 4 Comments »

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  1. Allison says:

    After being rejected,despised and mocked for the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Americans list of grateful peoples awaiting liberation has gotten shorter and the bottom of the barrel is now a forgotten warlord practicing witchcraft in the steamy jungles of Uganda.
    The last two liberation wars have not turned out as planned,a sad WW2 part duex.
    No smiling American soldiers marching under the Arc de Triomphe on the way toward Berlin,Just roadside bombs and suicidal attacks by ungrateful unwashed mobs of howling superstitious religious fanatics hell bent on mayhem.

    The viral KONY 2012 campaign is to do what exactly?
    Having YouTube watchers point out Uganda on a map would be like Pin the Tail on the Donkey .
    But Africa does have its positive liberation points,its people are generally well behaved and not antagonistic toward future white generals trying to get the power grid up after utterly destroying it in their liberation.
    Liberal Do-Gooders will find their exertions much more rewarding then the failure to launch mud hut clinic outside Kabul or Detroit.
    The warmongers will finally have a parade to be proud of minus the paved roads.
    The corporate kleptocracy can brow-beat the Chinese to the mineral rights.
    The Navy can finally have a deep water port on Lake Victoria.

    I say Operation KONY 2012 looks very inviting

  2. Laney says:

    “KONY 2012 a few thoughts: Lets make the invisible visible. There is an invisible war going on right now. One that most people in the this country know absolutely nothing about, and yet its battles rage and many die everyday unbeknownst to the American public. Sadly many of the casualties of this war are the sons and daughters of the United States.
    The evil that exists in Afghanistan is one that I believe is as gruesome, if not more so than that of Kony. Within Afghanistan the Taliban propagates an evil that knows no limits. They murder, kidnap, steal, coerce, mutilate the genitalia of women, force CHILDREN to strap suicide vests to their chests and countless other despicable acts if for no other reason than a differing opinion on any number of things. I cannot show you a picture of their face for the leaders there are many. But I can recognize their voices as I have listened to them talk on the radio on countless occasions prepping men, weapons, and equipment in an effort to kill my soldiers and me. I have witnessed the senseless destruction the Taliban inflicts on their fellow Afghani’s. I have witnessed dead, wounded, and torn apart lives by IED blasts senselessly placed. My Soldiers can tell you of piecing together the body parts of entire generations of innocent families that just happened to drive down the wrong road at the wrong time. There was no apology issued, no support offered to those families, no form of retribution that could be found anywhere. In the Taliban’s eyes they deserved to die.I have fought to eradicate the drug production that exists there. The province in which I worked produces fully 50% of the worlds opium and heroin and countless other drugs (how do you think Kony forces these children to fight? and how does he keep his army so well staffed? He is there drug lord, he has created a society of very violent drug addicts who rely on him for there kick. Many of these drugs that destroy these childrens lives come from the fields of Afghanistan).
    I cannot provide you a sentimental video of a five year old child and how sad the killing within Afghanistan causes him. But I can provide you the testimony of thousands of American children who will never spend another birthday or holiday with their parent. I can provide you with hundred of thousands of the American children who go to sleep every night and hope and pray that their parent makes it through the next year without incident. I can provide you with plenty of examples of babies who will never know the parent who brought them into the world. All these children, American children, who have been forced to give so much to this country, because its nation is fighting a war that its largely forgotten. A war that 99.999 percent of you whole heartedly supported and prayed to see happen. A war that is now invisible to the American public, a public who does not understand anything about what is going on in Afghanistan and what its Soldiers are going through.
    I do not disagree with anyone that Kony is a terrible person and probably needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. I am sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to do my nations bidding. I just ask that all of you to to think about the human effect of what it is you are supporting. The Invisible Arm is lobbying for military action within Africa to get rid of (kill) Kony. Every two dollars you donate is another two dollars provided to “non-profit” organization that only gives 31% of the money it receives towards actually helping the Children of Uganda. As far as non-profits go, the Invisible Arm has received multiple poor ratings from independent watch groups. Yet what they do has been effective in swaying the public and government opinion about what is happening in Africa. Yet it is not the invisible arm who will go to Africa to rid the world of Kony. It is the Soldiers of the United States who will be forced to deploy to another continent, to suffer in incredible harsh conditions, to be wounded, maimed and killed for the sake of your cause.
    Also remember that military action to kill Kony is military action to kill all those that pose a threat to the Soldiers of this country in the completion of its mission. Remember that those 30,000 children that make up Kony’s military will all not just surrender when American Soldiers get there, that many of them will fight and fight viciously to protect its leader. And many, many of these Children will die in combat, and this is what you are advocating. And when Kony is dead that will not be the end of it. There are hundreds of war lords throughout Africa just like him. Just as killing Osama Bin Laden has not brought about the end of the war on terror nor will killing Kony end the use of children as Soldiers. Once we kill one man, do we stop there or continue on? Are you prepared for another protracted war that the nation will yet again forget about just a few short months after it starts?
    Think about the Soldiers of THIS nation who will be forced to deploy to harms way yet again. And think about there families who are left at home. When you donate to these organizations think of the thousands of Military Families who live day to day on programs like WIC because they do not make enough money to scrape by. Think about how many of this nations military heroes live below the poverty line WHILE performing the dirty work of some multi-million dollar non-profit.
    Research what it is you are supporting and think through what supporting that means for our nation. Remember the men and women who stand ready to do your bidding in the harshest of conditions while you sleep soundly at night. Remember that more American Soldiers will die for your cause and honor them for it. Remember that more American Soldiers continue to die fighting for a cause that you, at one point in your life, supported with every ounce of your being. Remember that the enlisted Soldier does all of this without complaint or any real say in what happens. It is truly sad that this day in history the people of this country morn the loss of a talented drug addict with days of celebration and documentaries, yet the true heroes of this nation continue to suffer and die without recognition. And yet, many of you are so quick to send the very people you take for granted everyday back into harms way to do your bidding.
    Think through all these things and think through what supporting the killing of Kony really means, and if you still truly believe in supporting that than by all means do it. But do not forget the men and women who will be doing your bidding.”

    …I won’t ask you to buy any t-shirts or silly action kits, please just pray for my friends, and they will handle the rest

  3. Allison says:

    I did read you essay on patriotism,sacrifice and a bewildering smörgåsbord of other thoughts and I must fault a few statements

    “A war that 99.999 percent of you whole heartedly supported and prayed to see happen.”

    Probably 40% support with another 40% caught up in the patriotic propaganda blitz that ran 24/7 .
    With those against being slandered as traitors and terrorist lovers.
    The quiet remainder seen it as another tragic Vietnam and as long as their was not another draft it would sputter hopelessly along for a decade or more.

    “Within Afghanistan the Taliban propagates an evil that knows no limits. They murder, kidnap, steal, coerce, mutilate the genitalia of women, force CHILDREN to strap suicide vests to their chests”

    Now that could have been written by a Soviet soldier stationed in Kandahar province in 1982 . That claimed that their task was to support a legitimate government and that the Mujahdeen were no more than terrorists.That wanted to sweep aside Muslim tradition within the nation and that wanted a more western slant to Afghanistan…. naiveté

    “back into harms way to do your bidding”

    Maybe the warmonger elites,arm chair generals and boisterous Chicken Hawks but surely you jest that the working class has a choice of who and where American young shall die?

  4. Allison says:

    Kony 2012 update

    March 16, 2012 5:23 PM ET

    “Russell, the man who with one short film made millions of people more aware about a contemporary evil, was detained by police on Thursday (March 15) in San Diego for allegedly being drunk in public and masturbating in the middle of a street.
    He appeared to be under the influence of some kind of substance and was dancing around a San Diego street corner in “Speedo-like underwear” before removing it and proceeding to make gestures lewd enough to warrant police intervention”

    You just cant make up this shit anymore,poor bastard went off the deep end.
    I guess thats the end of Kony 2012

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