Taxpayers Bailout Heroin Dealer…

15 Apr 2012 by Bob, 1 Comment »

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  1. Allison says:

    Now you know

    The slovenly cattle have more perks then the hardworking Joe making $12hr.
    Then add on millions of illegal Hispanics that are married in Mexico or Guatemala,the man gets a construction or painting gig making $12hr,the so called single woman gets free medical for the clan,EBT card,free daycare as the man brings home money tax free under the table.
    Add that all up and that equals $20+ and none of it is taxed.
    With the cash savings the family can then buy a Chevy Escalade.

    “A few weeks ago I somehow got into a conversation about food stamp* fraud with a barista (I don’t know how it happened either). She said that she once watched a well-dressed woman buy groceries using food stamps, then take those groceries out to an Escalade.(I didn’t say this because I have a policy of not antagonizing the people who make my food.)In many renditions, it is asserted that the woman’s husband is a drug dealer. Frankly, I find this the most fascinating detail.
    She isn’t a single mother (like most food stamp recipients). She is married, albeit to a bad person.However, the Cadillac Escalade has a reputation as being a car which appeals to black people. So I assume that by specifying an Escalade (rather than any other expensive vehicle like a Porsche or BMW), the speaker is using code for “black person.”

    No,this quip from liberal New Yorker assumes that they fine art of gaming the welfare system must be overblown or racist,the reason Escalade are picked on is they make a great family vehicle and can be tricked out with chrome,rims and other bling.
    So the hard working painter from rural Zacatecas with cash in his pocket and his family in the back can feel like he’s in Jed Clampett’s Hollywood ride.

    Now you know

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