Laws DO NOT Apply to Celebrities, According to the State of New Jersey…

24 Apr 2012 by Bob, 3 Comments »

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  1. four-oh-four says:

    Posted at 03:50 PM ET, 04/24/2012
    New Jersey troopers suspended; Brandon Jacobs linked to high-speed trip
    By Cindy Boren

    Brandon Jacobs warmed up before the Super Bowl. (Andy Lyons / Getty Images) On a football field, “get the hell out of my way” is a pretty useful attitude. On the Garden State Parkway, not so much.

    Two New Jersey state troopers were suspended Monday after complaints about what one witness called “Death Race 2012,” a caravan of luxury cars that sped down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City, weaving in and out of traffic at speeds of up to 110-mph — with a trooper escort — last month.

  2. Allison says:

    trooper escort ,,,another name for prostitution.
    New Jersey State Trooper credo “Honor, Duty, Fidelity” or as it has been dishonored “capo di tutti capi”

    Who’s to say that these two troopers that have been leniently suspended for performing an unsafe criminal act while servicing the celebrity rich….could have in the past planted guns or narcotic contraband on the innocent when an arrest went bad?
    If they would put hundreds of families at risk with abhorrent behavior playing“Death Race 2012″
    Anything is a possibility.

    The government is twisting more and more toward a mafia run hierarchy,with two state troopers acting more as lowly capo enforcers then those that enforce the rule of law.
    Escorting a caravan of luxury cars that sped down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City…..Atlantic City is a legalized criminal enterprise

    “NEW JERSEY STATE Commission of investigation report confirmed the infiltration by the organized crime family of Angelo Bruno of Philadelphia and Gambino organized crime family into certain legitimate businesses in Atlantic City.”

    Evidently they have also infiltrated the New Jersey State Police.

  3. bad kitty says:

    Celebrities are above the law just like ANYBODY who is under the “sphere of influence” of Obummer. It’s just another obscenity that we must bear.

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