Man Ticketed for Dropping Money on the Ground…

24 May 2012 by Bob, 4 Comments »

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  1. Allison says:

    Its more like ticketing the homeless castoff of American consumer capitalism,the police cant be bothered jailing the homeless with mental or financial problems….the crime of being flat broke would cost the police and city time and money for arresting one for vagrancy.

    But ticketing the enabler for giving money to the bum is prepping American society for harsher times ahead.With the solid foundation of a police state with its various agencies all competing against each other to harass and curtail any unacceptable thinking ,belief or action.
    Ticketing is just one more weapon to make one fearful of helping one another outside the framework of the totalitarian corporate state.Who wants to help one another if it could cost you $500+
    Who wants to gather in a crowd to protest if the security force will arrest and ticket you for loitering and littering that could easily cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and lawyers fees.
    I believe the state has written off the proles and can control the mob when it burns-itself out after three or four days of bloody rioting,,,,no harm done except for dozens of liquor and dollar stores burnt to the ground.Just look at the mayhem in London the past years or Los Angeles a decade ago.

    But they know they must make the haves and have nots isolated form one another to make a truly effective police state and the dividing line between smoldering rubble and upscale yuppie town-homes is just as effective as a gate or wall.

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  3. Allison says:

    timberland2012…my feeling exactly.

    The obsession with NIKE footwear has branded us just like stupid cattle.
    Instead of striving for excellence in school the inner city future thuggery is pining over plastic and rubber footware,Instead of marching in the street the tards are buffing thier white or black NIkes like in was the lost ring from Lord of the Rings

  4. bad kitty says:

    I give to the less fortunate whenever I can because I know first hand what it’s like to be broke and homeless. If I were to get ticketed for littering or some other totally asinine thing such as dropping american currency on the street, I would sue the city, the state and the feds for everything I could think of. And in light of the current state of our economy (let’s face it, we’re on the cusp of a serious recession) that must mean our dollars are just plain garbage if the dude got a ticket for “Littering”…

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