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29 May 2012 by Bob, 4 Comments »

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  1. Allison says:

    Drinking With Bob is my Facebook.

    I worked the Memorial weekend and the bastard company has made me take today off without pay so they will not have to pay overtime….hmmm… somethings not right about that.
    Promising me extra pay for the holiday and then pulling a bait and switch.
    Boy… did I eat a shit sandwich with that deal

    Today I went to the swapmeet to kill time and got sidetracked and haggled with a Mex Jawa about a motherboard with 3 sticks 6g of ram……. that may not power up as my track record of buying used electronics is rather dismal especially from these Mos Eisley dumpster divers.
    So i bargained him down from $50 to $40 and he was very eager to sell…. that leads me to suspect the board may be trash.
    So I’m gambling that the $40 board may work and I will have saved $200.
    I also bought a satellite receiver and will try and hook that up and pirate some Asian news and goofy foreign entertainment sing song shows .
    Gotta figure ways to save a dollar and if I can afford cable maybe I can pull something from the sky for free.
    Other then that I have nothing else to say on my Bob’s Facepalm account,

  2. Allison says:

    Yesterday evening I tried to get satellite signal and failed,I thought the ex cable company satellite dish on the roof would make a fine receiver,,,,maybe they have some-kinda signal lock on this old dish…or the receiver is obsolete with the target satellite long since burnt up in the atmosphere and the charred wreckage at the bottom of the ocean.

    I’m kinda bummed today.
    My slumming buying junk is rather frustrating when it all fails.

  3. bad kitty says:

    YES! it IS possilble for people (Sheeple) to be this completely stooooooopid. I loathe Facebook. And yes I am guilty of having a Facebook page, but only because I am a fledgling writer desperately trying to get noticed in the publishing world. But I am loathe to chat on facebook as it might harm my abilitiy to land a decent job (as I still need to have gainful employment to support my writing habit contrary to what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say about artistic people needing to be free of the shackles of work in order to be creative.) Nothing on Facebook is private and I think that is totally F—ed up. I like the fact that I can look up people and/or relatives that I haven’t been in contact for years but I don’t want the entiore world to see what I’m chating about. I am a very private person. I don’t need the rest of the world seeing and sniffing my dirty laundry.

  4. bad kitty says:

    Facebook blows and that is why their stock sucks ass. Kiss my natural white ass “Suckerberg”!!

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