Operation Fast And Furious…

4 Jul 2012 by Bob, 1 Comment »

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  1. Allison says:

    So the ATF and FBI allow 2.000 assault rifles and handguns to be smuggled back to Mexico from Arizona….basically as bait
    The guns are untraceable with no way to locate them,no hidden transmitter in the stock of the riffle butt…..what?
    That then are used to murder 300 Mexicans.
    So….say 50 are scumbag criminals and the other 250 are innocent bystanders as Mexicans gangs on both sides of the border are notorious for spray and pray gunplay.
    Eric Holder then shows contempt by showing that the life of Innocent Mexicans are of no concern and in the grand scheme are worthless.

    Its like America took a dump on Mexico and used Innocent Mexicans as wipes.

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