Chelsea Clinton Killed by Terrorists in Benghazi…

25 Jan 2013 by Bob, 3 Comments »

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  1. Allison says:

    Americans know who killed the four diplomats in Benghazi….half the Middle East.
    The liberations are trying to being quarterbacked by the CIA.
    For what reason I don’t really understand.
    Probably trying to have some say and control over a Muslim movement that doesn’t need infidel America calling the plays.
    Trying to crash the party or be left out.

    The Mob in Benghazi believed that the diplomats were agents of the CIA or Israel.
    That every Libyan or Egyptian that doesn’t act like its the Liberation of Paris in ’44 .
    That doesn’t wave or throw flowers at the feet of an American must be a terrorist.
    An agent of al-Qaeda.
    The Media plays the Paris of ’44 act for a few weeks leaving most clueless Americans with the impression that all that was needed was a few Carrier groups launching planes from the metal decks.
    That democracy will sprout from the ashes of the air strikes.

    Clinton knows that things are out of control and unless you want to try to play faux British Empire builder with boots on the ground and machine guns on the roofs.
    Other the that.
    That all you can do is throw your hands in the air or cover your face when the shit hits the fan.

  2. TheConstitutionRocks says:

    Bob, you are right on target with this rant! Sometimes, not so much. . .but this one you hit the bulls-eye!

  3. He Who Waits says:

    Haven’t been paying much attention to the news lately, so when I saw Chelsea Clinton killed in Benghazi….I got excited and then bummed after the rant.

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