Even in this day and age, phone sex services have been available to men only. Until now, the only way females could buy phone sex is by calling a gay hotline, which is not ideal. Drinking with Bob was created to change that. It is a phone sex line answered by Bob Evans and his team of phone sex operator hunks and it is exclusively available to women.

Commercial phone sex originated in the 1950s, an era where women didn’t exactly have equal rights to men. Wmen were sexually repressed and socially castigated if they displayed interest in dirty talk. The demand for these types of lines remained almost non-existent, until now…

We live in an era of social equality, where men and women can express their sexual preferences without being judged or outcast. Gay phone sex lines have become prominent, but still up until now, there aren’t any phone sex lines available to women. It is about time women of all walks of life are acknowledged as sexual beings with sexual urges as well.

Engaging in phone sex regularly has been shown to reduce stress, improve self esteem, and increase overall health and happiness. This is due to the brain releasing pleasure activating and anxiety suppressing neurochemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin. It is our goal to for the first time legitimize phone sex as a acceptable leisure activity for women and dismantle the taboo that phone sex is just for men.